VS-V Standard Vision Screener
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1155   VS-V Standard Vision Screener

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New and Improved

Now with 4 Integrated Testing Distances

Upgradeable to Computer Control

Trusted by vision professionals worldwide to test both children and adults, this unit is conveniently portable and self contained, standardized for ease of operation, and provides confidential results.

The VS-V blends technological convenience with more than 80 years of vision testing research, expertise and excellence. Like its predecessors, the VS-V features several unique competitive advantages—such as testing in reflected light rather than with backlit targets to mirror everyday visual function. Now with larger viewing lens the VS-V accommodates examinees who use progressive lens glasses. The VS-V is the only screener on the market that comes standard with 4 integrated testing distances.


More about the VS-V Standard Vision Screener

How it works:

The VS-V Standard Vision Screener is operated with the new Elliptech Soft Touch Command Control Unit (see below), allowing complete remote control and automatic command of all test operations. By pressing the appropriate buttons on the compact panel, a user can advance or reverse stereo tests, select intermediate, near or far test distances, or selectively light either of the lamps.

Additionally the VS-V vision screener is  capable of operating from your computer with Visionary Software (demo copy of 100 records included with every screener)

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Test Program

Designed for virtually all age groups

Visual Acuity, Right eye only, Far and Near point, Values 20/200 - 20/20

Visual Acuity, Left eye only, Far and Near point, Values 20/200 - 20/20

Visual Acuity, Both eyes together, Far, Near and 26", Values 20/200 - 20/20

Visual Acuity, Both eyes together, Far, Near and 26", Values 20/50 - 20/20

Phoria, Vertical & Lateral, Eye coordination, Far and Near point, Measures eye balance

Fusion, Eye's ability to merge right and left eye, Far and Near Point

Stereopsis Depth perception, Far and Near point, 3-D Target

Color perception, Severe and Mild color deficiency, Far and Near point, Pseudo-isochromatico

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