CVS-V Standard Computer Controlled Vision Screener
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1173   CVS-V Standard Computer Controlled Vision Screener

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The CVS-V Standard vision screener with enhanced database capabilities- dramatically reduces the administration process traditionally associated with vision screening. The CVS-V screens for 18 different vision functions in less than five minutes. The new visionary software is network compatible and provides storage for over 100,000 individual patient records.

New and Improved For Occupational Health Professionals

Ensuring Safety and Well-Being in the Workplace

Now With 4 Standard Test Distances

Time is Valuable

A number of professionals use vision screeners to implement vision screenings in schools, driving licensing agencies, corporations, Factories, Aviation organizations and Correctional facilities. A central concern for those conducting vision testing on large groups is the lengthy transcriptions and post data entry associated with vision testing. Although vision tests by Keystone View can be given in under 3-5 minutes per test the transcription process can significantly increase the length of the entire procedure. 

The Solution

The CVS-V answers this important concern by combining a classic vision screener with database capabilities via the unique Visionary software created by Keystone View; eliminating the lengthy administration process traditionally associated with vision screening. 

The visionary software empowers your PC; your PC becomes the testing station. The standardized script and prompting incorporated into the software guides you through the 18 different vision tests. All that's left to do is click on the answer field that matches the respondents answer. Results are automatically entered into a client record and stored in the database allowing you to track client results and print the files for hard copy storage if necessary. 

The unique visionary software provided on disc can be installed on most PCs and laptop computers. Once installed the visionary software guides you effortlessly through the installation and the vision tests, through a series of on screen prompts. 

Each test takes 3-5 minutes to administer and the results are recorded automatically. 

The examiner is guided through the series of tests on screen, while the PC remotely controls the vision screener. The use of the vision screener ensures that you can test how the client sees in the real world. Unlike fully computerized vision screeners that test how well a patient can see on a back lit, flickering monitor. 

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Test Program
Designed for virtually all age groups

Visual Acuity, Right eye only, Far and Near point, Values 20/200 - 20/20

Visual Acuity, Left eye only, Far and Near point, Values 20/200 - 20/20

Visual Acuity, Both eyes together, Far, Near and 26", Values 20/200 - 20/20

Visual Acuity, Both eyes together, Far, Near and 26", Values 20/50 - 20/20

Phoria, Vertical & Lateral, Eye coordination, Far and Near point, Measures eye balance

Fusion, Eye's ability to merge right and left eye, Far and Near Point

Stereopsis Depth perception, Far and Near point, 3-D Target

Color perception, Severe and Mild color deficiency, Far and Near point, Pseudo-isochromatico
CVS-V Standard Vision Screener

The CVS-V blends technological convenience with more than 80 years of vision testing research, expertise and excellence. Like its predecessors, the CVS-V features several unique competitive advantages—such as testing in reflected light rather than with backlit targets to mirror everyday visual function. Now with larger viewing lens the CVS-V accommodates examinees who use progressive lens glasses. The CVS-V is the only screener on the market that comes standard with 4 testing distances. 

The Elliptech Hand Control presented below is not neccesary when using the computer, but is included with the CVS-V for operation when a computer is not present.


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